Tips for Fuel Efficient Cars

Although already applying the driving technique eco driving, of course the results will be less than the maximum if you do not pay attention to the condition of the car being driven. Therefore, to help your fuel-efficient driving techniques, you should consider some things on the car that must be prepared.

Based on some reference and technician experience in various workshops, driven cars and how to drive each other to achieve fuel efficiency while driving. Once you know how to drive a good, then the following things to note on the car to be more fuel efficient.

1 Customize Fuel Used
Each car has a specification of the machine, precisely different compression ratio. The compression ratio determines what type of fuel you should use. If you use less suitable fuel, the burning on the engine will not be perfect.

For example, if the machine needs the machine is octane RON92 but you instead use RON88, then the machine will be under power and make you have to press the gas deeper to get the engine power. Conversely, if you use gasoline with octane exceeding the need, then there will be the rest of the gasoline that is not burned and wasted through the muffler.
2. Tire Wind Pressure
How often do you notice the wind pressure on your car tires? Perhaps the answer is only when you feel the car tire looks flat or less wind. Though the correct tire pressure wind car will help ease the car engine workload.

When the tire is less wind, then the tire's diameter will be smaller or deflated. Under these conditions, the tire tread will stick more on the asphalt so the tire feels like dragging. In effect, the engine needs more power to drive the car.

3. Avoid Overload Expenses
The load carried by the car will affect the engine power required to drive the car. So that can be ascertained, the greater the load carried by the car, it needs more power and of course the more wasteful fuel is needed. Therefore, start to lower the useless items from your car.

4. Regular Service
Components and parts in the car have a lifetime to keep working at its optimum point. The closest example is engine oil that has to be routinely replaced. So try not to miss your regular service schedule. So that the components and engine parts such as oil is maintained well for engine performance remains at its best.

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