Tips Driving a Car at Night

How to drive a car at night is basically the same as when driving during the day. We need concentration, alertness and of course caution. But the dark night conditions, especially in road conditions that are less light would also increase the risk of things that are not desirable. Whether it's the risk of accidents or the threat of crime. The key, of course, increase concentration and alertness in driving.

Evenings also make visibility limited. The use of the main light will certainly help us in driving. But in dark conditions, the car lights that we use and other car lights in front of and behind us sometimes quite disturbing and break down concentration. Especially if the lights are too bright and dazzling.

 Tips Driving a Car at Night

To keep the comfort and safety in driving at night, then here are some driving tips that may be tried.

1. Make sure your car's glass is clean and does not interfere with the view. Dirty car glass will make visibility quite disturbed. Therefore, if you want to drive at night it is good to clean the glass that helps improve our view. Just in case, make sure the glass cleaner container is filled. It would be better if filled with a special liquid car glass cleaner. So you can use it any time the glass is exposed to splashes of water or dirt.

2. Adjust the front lamp beam for optimal. Not a few people who have car lights with a less fair height. Whether it's too low, or too up. If it is too low, you will not be able to see the streets properly. But if too up, it will disrupt other riders, especially the opposite direction. Set the height of this lamp in a trusted workshop.

3. Use lamps with good lighting quality. The light bulb of the car now has many models and types. Make sure you use the bulb in good condition with good light quality too. Good quality is capable of illuminating on the road well but does not make the rider in front of you to be dazzled and disturbed.

Good lights will be disrupted even if the performance of the glass headlights in dirty conditions. Therefore, clean the glass lights properly so that the car lights can come out and illuminate the road well. You can wash this glass, or use a glass cleaner.

4. As much as possible keep your car's condition clean when going on a trip. Paint car that is clean and not covered with dirt like dust will have the nature of relevtive and able to reflect light well. Thus, other riders can see your presence clearly and can keep a good distance, especially when it will cut the road.

5. Avoid using film glass that is too dark. When driving at night, the use of window film would have more influence visibility and visibility than driving during the daytime. The recommended darkness measures are 20% on the windshield and 40% for side glass and rear glass.


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