Tips Cleaning Windshield Due To Pollution

Hygiene of the car is not just from the thing that looks straight. For example car body that is always washed and polished, or a diligent interior cleaned. Parts like car glass, although always look fine it should get special attention. Especially from the invisible oil layer resulting from air pollution.

Spots or layers of oil that is on the glass is very annoying and of course annoying. This is usually caused by air pollution and vehicle exhaust fumes. Not only windshields and windows, but also the rearview mirror and mica lights. The oil layer that has been too long will make the view becomes less clear. And on the lamp mica, it will make it look blurry and the glow of the light becomes reduced.

At night, layers of oil stains on the car winds and mica lights will also make the drive becomes disturbed. The light from the front of the vehicle will glow (break) so blinding and can threaten safety.

Therefore, then cleaning the greasy car glass is a very important thing to do. To know the characteristics of the greasy car glass and should be cleaned quite easily done. When washing the car, pour water into the windshield and wipe it with your hands. If there is water left on the glass, it is time for the car's glass to be cared for and cleaned of oil.

How To Clean Outer Car Window

 To clean the oil coating on car glass can be done at car care salon. But of course we can do it ourselves at home. What is needed is clean water, microfiber cloth and car glass cleaning wipes such as Meguiars Mirror Glaze, Glaco Roll On, Glass Cleaner and Glass Scrub. The steps are as follows:

1. Wash your car glass clean. Washing can be done as usual, by draining the water until the dust and dirt is lost with water. Next dry the glass surface until it is completely dry and no water left.

2. Apply or spray the glass cleaner until evenly distributed. But for some brands, it is advisable also to apply cleaning fluids gradually and per-section. The goal is to be more evenly and maximally.

3. Let the cleaning fluid react. At least let stand the fluid that has been applied for 5 to 10 minutes. But also note the instructions for use. There is a cleaning fluid that takes longer to work optimally.

4 Clean with microfiber cloth. When cleaning, it is recommended to use a wetted microfiber and squeezed until moist only. The goal is that the rest of the cleaning fluid is perfectly lifted.   

This method can also be done to clean the oil layer on the mica car lights and rearview mirror. It's just for the two places it is recommended to just smear and clean, no need to be pressed. This is because the material of the lamp mica is more easily scratched than the car glass. While the rearview mirror is generally a layer that can be thinning and faded if too often rubbed. 

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