How To Warm Your Car In The Morning

Almost every car owner in the world has the same habit, ie heating the car engine in the morning or before use. There is nothing wrong with the habit, it's just that along with technological advances in the engine of the car turned out to make the necessity to heat the car becomes increasingly reduced. This is because of the existence of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which regulates fuel and air requirements for the combustion process to be more optimal. So heating the car to reach the optimal temperature of car engine combustion is no longer needed.

However, that does not mean heating the car is really not needed. Ideally, if the old car is not used (eg 6 hours or more), usually overnight and will be used in the morning, then heating the car is done for approximately 1 minute only. More than that, then the rest is just a waste of fuel alone. But keep in mind, this is for the latest output car that has brought the injection technology.

Some other things to note regarding the habit of heating the car engine is the presence of engine lubricants. It is said, after a long time not used then the engine lubricant oil will fall and no longer coat components in the machine. This is not entirely true, as it turns out that the lubricant is now capable of remaining and 'binding' to the engine components when the car is not in use. Therefore, one minute time is enough to re-lure the lubricant to work optimally. Condition, you use a car lubricant in accordance with the provisions of the vehicle manufacturer.

If your car still includes an old car, or a car that uses a carburetor, then heating the car is still a necessity that is slightly more important than the latest car engine. However, no need to heat the car up to 5 or 10 minutes. Actually, the time required is between 2 to 3 minutes. And keep in mind, when heating the car, no need to step on the gas car too deep. Let the car be in stationary condition only. And do not turn on the car air conditioner when heating, unless the car will be used in stable condition. This aims to make the engine work is not too heavy.

Once considered enough, then please drive your car to use. But at the beginning, just walk slowly. Suppose to get out of the garage home and out of the complex. In this way, the car engine will be more stable. When the car is running, occasionally press the accelerator pedal deep enough (in the clutch conditions stepped on) to menggeber engine so that dirt and crust are contained in the engine can come out and wasted through the exhaust. Not necessarily too often, maybe only once a week.

Next is when you heat up the car, make sure you do it in open space. Usually, many people will park the car in the car garage inside the house. When the morning will heat the car, first open the garage door to the width of free air in and out. When heating the car engine, exhaust emissions from the exhaust will become pollution and toxins that are scattered in the air. If you heat the car in a closed garage, it is very worrying if the pollution will actually go into your own home. 

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